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Our WeddingMoon Vision

I'm sure you're very curious why our wedding page is titled "Save Your Dates" and instead of "Save The Date"? We have chosen to celebrate in a very non-traditional way by having the majority of our marriage celebrations be spent traveling to the gorgeous country of Croatia, with whoever would like to join.


We hope you pick a date to make our weddingmoon your vacation as well - and celebrate our marriage with us. 

We have chosen destinations within Croatia that allow us to visit ancient medieval towns, island hop, visit world renowned national parks with natural beauty, wine and dine affordably, experience continental culture, club at luxury island nightclubs, explore ancient ruins, and last but not least: be lazy on beautiful beaches!



We will have three primary meet up destinations:
1. Split         2. Island of Hvar    3. Dubrovnik

We plan to have a small beach ceremony late afternoon,
Monday, September 9th on the Island of Hvar, followed by dinner and drinks. This is indicative on the "Save the Date" invitation you received in the mail.  This would be our preferred date for you to join us, but if you're able to travel with us before of after, your company is a gift none-the-less!


September 3 - September 13, 2024



our itinerary

We hope that all invited "guests" who chose to join us while traveling, make this a wonderful vacation opportunity for themselves, spanning several days, with the agenda of their particular liking. 

Within each primary destination we will have "anchor events" to create memorable experiences for us and the fellow travelers to do together, showcasing the unique qualities of each chosen destination. The anchor events will include things such as local tours, bus rides to national monuments, ferry rides to islands, reserved dinners, etc. We will keep everyone updated on our itinerary so if you chose to join us on these events, you know where we will be!


Click directly on each photo below, to get information on specific location itinerary details, hotel bookings, anchor event plans, etc.


Or visit our shared excel itinerary HERE to follow our travel plans, hotel bookings, etc. 

What is a

A "weddingmoon" is a term that combines the concepts of a wedding and a honeymoon into a single event or trip. It refers to a concept where the wedding ceremony and a honeymoon vacation that are intertwined.

The idea behind our concept of the weddingmoon is to create an intimate and memorable experience for us to celebrate our marriage with fellow travel loving friends and family, that would have otherwise attended a traditional "wedding".


Instead of having separate events, such as a wedding ceremony and reception followed by a separate honeymoon trip, the "weddingmoon" allows us to replace the wedding reception with quality, elongated time in beautiful destinations, building travel memories together with friends and family. 


Your presence traveling with us is enough of a present!


None the less, instead of a traditional wedding registry, we've set up an Excursion Fund. Your contributions will help turn our WeddingMoon into a collection of unforgettable experiences and adventures. Your generosity will fund the excursions and activities that will make our travels truly extraordinary.


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We'd love your company!

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